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 The Rules of the Road

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Alu Rathbone

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PostSubject: The Rules of the Road   Tue Dec 02, 2008 1:37 pm

Dear Newbies,

I know that following the rules is annoying but we all know that it is necessary if we want the forum to function properly.

I know that these rules are new and they are not perfect. They might be updated. If there is a problem, if you want to complain or comment the rules, you are welcome to PM me and voice your opinion.

Here we go:

1. General Rules

a) First, respect is the key to smooth functioning on the forum. This implies that cursing is prohibited, you are expected to be polite with the others members and staff members. Fights are also not allowed, be considerate and think a little before you speak.

b) Double-posting (posting twice in a row even if you wanted to add something later). To avoid double-posting when you want to add something else, just click the link at the top-right corner of your post that says Edit and you'll be able to edit your post. If, by mistake you post twice the same post, click the link at the top-right corner of you post that says delete (it could be a X) to remove the second post.

c) One-word posts are not allowed. It also includes smileys.

d) IM/Chat is not allowed except in the spamming board. If you want to chat, create a thread in the spamming board that you can call "Jackson and Tom's Chat" for example or "Discussion about death penalty". Let you imagination work.

e) Post according to the topic. Off-topic posts contribute nothing, you can create a thread in the spamming board to start or continue a discussion.

f) Entire caps-lock posts are prohibited, it will be tolerated if it is used to emphasize words.

g) Members are expected to participate on the forum once they join. Members that never posted will have their accounts deleted after 2 weeks (no warnings will be given). Any members that had not posted in one month will be given a warning, their accounts will be deleted after 8 weeks of non-activity (with no chance of coming back). This does not apply to anyone that warned me of their absences beforehand.

h) Correct spelling is mandatory, text-talk is not allowed.

i) You are asked to tell beforehand if your topics (may) contain spoilers, simply write "spoilers" in the title.

2. Chatbox Rules

a) Many people complain of the high amount of drama that is on other sites, but especially in the chatbox, so please try to avoid it as much as you can. We have enough in our "real" lives.

b) Fighting is once again not allowed.

Thank you for you cooperation.

Alu Rathbone

PS. These rules are taken from
The Unified Twilight Society. Thank you Alice for letting me use these. They were posted with permission.
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The Rules of the Road
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