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 The Cost of well everything

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Alu Rathbone

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PostSubject: The Cost of well everything   Tue Dec 02, 2008 2:17 pm

It is expensive to get a banquet hall. I was looking at one that was going to cost about 50,000 dollars for 1000 people... that was not including the DJ, door prizes, or the goodie bags.

the door prizes I'm alotting up to $4000

Depending on how many people come or rather are able to come...

If only 400 tickets are available that would be $10 dollars of the Ticket price...

That ten dollars also is entrance into the door prize drawing. Each person who comes will be given four raffle tickets.

Another cost to keep in mind is Food.

Depending on location of the event, depends on where i cater from or if the facility has food.


This is considerably the cheapest part of the entire night.

The DJ i have decided to go with is $1000, that includes the tip... so per person thats $2.50. based on 400 sold tickets. It will be less if i am able to get a place to accommodate more.

The goodie bags... thats going to be difficult... I'm not entirely sure how i'm going to do that... I am thinking of getting sponsors on that... or something... but i'm not entirely sure how to go along the lines of doing that... it would be awesome if i could get a lot of this entire function sponsored so as to bring the ticket price down...

I am going to set up a pay pal soon to accept donations of small amounts to get at least the hall mostly payed for... but that all depends on the location and cost of the hall.
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The Cost of well everything
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